Hi, my name’s Nour. If you cherish connection, movement, yoga, cyclical living, adventure… you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re learning about yourself, creating better habits or in the process of building self-discipline, I’m a big believer in the value of having fun along the way. I take a playful approach to the way we grow. The way that we find compassion for ourselves and others, the way we begin to understand that we don’t need to understand it all, the way we build a deep, intimate and consistent sense of self-love. Learning about women’s cycles and stories (big up www.newworldwomencollective.com!) ties into my long standing and ever-growing passion for cultivating connection between mind body soul. Primarily through the means of yoga and movement.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, curious about what actually exists outside of my brain. I love learning about different cultures, as well as my own as a British Arab. I’ve yet to discover further nuggets of wisdom in my own ancestral stories.

My professional and academic background is in Psychology and Counselling, which led to training in Holistic Health and Lifestyle Medicine and then extensive work in the Mental Health sector. 

Born from all these passions and after years of practice, I eventually qualified as an integrative-hatha yoga teacher and founded Kayalin Yoga. Hatha means force or effort, reminding us that we will need to apply effort if we hope to advance in our practices, and that effort is a normal, natural part of the process.

BUT. In learning more about the seasons of our cycles as women, I believe that we can enhance the effects of a hatha yoga practice in our modern world – and our lives – by tuning into our instinctive nature, inner seasons and resting and surrendering when needed. This is why I offer holistic yoga classes. I want you to have experiences of yoga classes which promote honouring your cycle and which consider the phases of the moon. Yoga classes that include gems which you can take off the mat, too.