Flow with purpose

If you’ve landed here because you want to connect to your menstrual cycle,
cultivate an inner sense of home and find focus in your own flow
these free gems are for you. 



Cyclical Yoga

FREE | 30-minute yoga classes

Four yoga classes intentionally designed to help you create lasting consistency in your yoga practice. These yoga classes encourage the playing with and exploring of different energies. It’s time to connect with an inclusive, compassionate way of practicing yoga. One where you can confidently adapt your practice to the cyclical rhythms of the moon or your body.

Live Sessions 19:00 – 19:30 BST

  • 06.06.24 New Moon – Reset / restorative
  • 13.06.24 Waxing Moon – Emerging / vinyasa flow
  • 21.06.24 Full Moon – Celebrating / strength building
  • 26.06.24 Waning Moon – Grounding / hatha flow

Life happens, and energy fluctuates. So, if you can’t make the session for any reason, make sure to still sign up to receive the video recordings to practice in your own time.



FREE | 3 Days

This engaging 3-day toolkit is designed to help you align your intentions with purposeful action. From understand the challenges of maintaining consistency in today’s fast-paced world, this fun toolkit covers the menstrual cycle basics, managing resistance and unlocking consistency. It’s packed with practical tips to get you started, meditations, a beautiful workbook with journalling prompts and top insights to empower YOU with the tools to thrive and shine 💫

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The Flowing With Purpose Community 

Free | Lifetime access until dec’24

A fabulous, safe community space to bring any cycle questions and uplift each other. Find like-minded souls who want to embrace cyclical living. Join to engage in meaningful discussions about moon and menstrual cycles, consistency and our unique or shared experiences, all in a judgment-free zone focused on empowering each other. 

Full Moon Meditation: Manifesting Abundance


A 10 minute audio guide through meditation, visualisation, manifestation and affiirmations focussed on inviting even more abundance into your life. Recorded under the light of the full blue supermoon, this abundance-centred motivation is charged up to be highly impactful to its listener. Download and listen in the next full moon to reap the benefits.

Full Moon Meditation Man


Cyclical Wellbeing Sessions

Prefer to receive tailored 1-2-1 support to fully understand your unique energy fluctuations at different points in your cycle, and use them to your advantage? Cyclical Wellbeing Sessions take the form of 6 biweekly sessions over 3 months to identify and take purposeful action according to your cyclical patterns. These sessions use a blend of holistic coaching, neuroscience and menstrual health education to help you flow with purpose according to your life and passions. 

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