4 Ways To Create Self Love Rituals

This article is intended to inspire you to create a beautiful self-love ritual using your chosen ingredients. 

Firstly, close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on what makes your heart sing, your body feel rejuvenated, and your mind at peace. 

Take a real minute to do so. Go on.

Once you’ve got that in mind, let’s begin. 

What’s the difference between self-love and self-care?

Self-love is a broader and deeper concept than self-care. It involves being kind and understanding to yourself, without conditions. It’s acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, and fostering a strong sense of self-worth despite it all. Self-love can help you shift your internal chatter to one that supports, loves and encourages; your inner cheerleader. For many of us, this is not our default. It takes time to cultivate it, and rituals support the process. 

Self-care refers to the intentional actions you can take for your wellbeing. It involves engaging in activities, behaviours and choices that promote that sweet sense of rejuvenation. I see self-love as the foundation, and self-care as the expression. They are intertwined.

Let’s dive into these four ways to start you off: 

  • Rest 

Self love flows like a river when you grant yourself the restorative gift of rest. Your slumber is a love letter to your soul. Craft a rest ritual that sings affirmations to your heart – a warm cup of herbal tea, a cherished book, bath with salts, self-massage, or simply taking 10 deep breaths in bed without your phone, distraction-free, being completely present with you. 

  • Movement 

Listen to the whispers of your body (your breath) and let it guide your steps. Create your own rhythm – perhaps gentle stretches at sunrise, a sensual dance with the setting sun, strength training or a yoga flow in the day. Move in a way that says, “I love and honour this vessel. When it’s tense and when it’s relaxed. When it’s laughing and when it’s crying. When it’s organised and when it’s messy. When it feels light and when it feels heavy. I love and honour this vessel – unconditionally”.

  • Connection & Activities 

What and who lights you up? If you’re not sure, start to pay attention to how you feel after being in a space with others. Research has shown us that social connections actually increase our longevity and quality of life. Things like working-out together, sharing mealtimes, coworking, hanging out and enjoying common hobbies are a non-negotiable part of self-care. Not keen on talking to others? Find an activity around others with minimal verbal communication (e.g. dance class, drawing, pottery). 

As someone who previously worked as a ‘social prescriber’, connecting people to activities, I have seen first-hand the impact that lack of social connection has on people’s health and wellbeing! So, it’s time to get real with yourself. Do your current connections enhance your wellbeing? What do you value in friendship, and do you embody those values around others?

  • Environment

Sprinkle some magic into your environment. In reality, all you need is to intentionally tune in to your BREATH. However, there are things that can add to your sparkle and completely uplift the energy around you. Here are a few examples:

Sound: Music, Affirmations, Intentions

Visual: Flowers, Art, Clear Space, Nature

Scent: Candles, Essential Oils, Incense Sticks

Touch: Soft Blankets, Water, Mud/Grass, Rubbing Hands/Feet Together

Energetic: Crystals, Palo Santo, Chakras

TIP: Hand pick some of these or create your own in preparation for your next self-care ritual!

A reminder to you, my friend, that self-love is the practice of refilling your own cup so that you can share from it abundantly, in high quality form, in the places you choose to. The world needs you to nurture your body, mind and soul with love, compassion and intention!

Embrace the rest of your week with open arms and give permission for your rituals to ground you, and bring you joy.

Have you made any rituals already, or do you plan to create one after reading this article? Share your wisdom in the comments, we love to hear it!