Supporting yourself during menstruation


Recently, I’ve had some important conversations with individuals like your wonderful self, who are seeking support during menstruation. Or perhaps you don’t menstruate, and could share this with somebody who does?? :)) Understanding the unique challenges, experiences and superpowers – yes, superpowers, that come with each cycle is essential, since it affects us daily and all.


Leila, one of the individuals I had the privilege of working with (name changed for confidentiality) shared some common struggles during menstruation: painful cramps, fluctuating energy levels, mood swings, and increased appetite, particularly for something chocolatey. Does this sound familiar to you? Period help is on the way my friend, if you just stick with me here.


Here’s how you can support yourself during menstruation, drawing from conversations with menstruators, science and the wisdom of cyclical living:

Spiritual Care:

– Dedicate extra time to flow; consider what a ‘restful activity’ looks like for you, and aim to celebrate your bleed with that. E.g. making a hot chocolate and sipping it slowly, reading a book in bed, singing a song.

– Allow yourself to drop into your wombspace (hands on lower abdomen or massaging this area with oil) and slow down.

– Embrace meditation and stillness to tap into your inner wisdom. Be open to the insights that come through instinct, dreams, and inner knowing.



– Incorporate magnesium-rich foods like fish/nori/seafood and miso into your diet.

– Enjoy warm herbal teas for comfort.

– Consider adding a teaspoon of ground pumpkin seed and ground flaxseed for added nourishment. Learn more about seed cycling here from a nutritionist. 

– Hydrate with plenty of agua throughout the day.


Physical Support:

– Gentle exercises like walking or yoga nidra to alleviate and prevent discomfort.

– Seek warmth; a hot water bottle to soothe cramps is lush. 

– If accessible, explore acupuncture for holistic relief.

– Connect with another menstruating woman; back in the day (pre-patriarchal era) women actually gathered to bleed together in peace, and created space for wisdom to surface.


Remember, each cycle brings an opportunity for renewal as the uterus lining is literally shedding. Setting an intention, a word or two is personally my favourite thing to do during my bleed; it’s something I highly recommend trying, as the intention becomes your grounding point for the rest of the cycle. Then, let the new cycle unfold with openness and curiosity. 


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Your cyclical wellbeing is paramount for cultivating connection, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need further guidance – reach out, we’re not here to put off our menstrual health any longer, are we?

Wishing you love, play and courage on your cyclical journey,



P.S. Dark chocco not only satisfies them cravey-cravings but also provides essential flavonoids and antioxidants to support your health during menstruation. Enjoy mindfully!